Benefits of Leasing

  • No risk of depriciation
  • No downpayment
  • Invest your capital in other more lucrative investments
  • Carefree driving with a new and well-maintained vehicle
  • No hidden costs

The car must be inspected before return if the age of the car or the vehicle-specific contract is 35 months or longer. In cars owned by Ri-Lease Finance, the inspection fee is included in the car contract. You can inspect your car at A-Inspection Stations. The inspection fee is charged to Ri-Lease Finance.

You can check the time of the car inspection on the A-Katsastus or Trafi website or in the technical part of the registration extract in your car.

Cars managed by Ri-Lease Finance will be returned to the Ri-Lease Finance return point. The cars will be inspected upon return, and in order for the inspection to be carried out properly, the car should be washed and cleaned. Maintenance and repairs must be performed in accordance with the maintenance schedule. If the length of the car-specific contract is 35 months or more, the car must be inspected before return.

When returning the car, be sure to bring all the car keys and equipment delivered during the contract period, eg other tires and keys, engine heater cable, roof rack, etc. If the other tires are in storage, inform the storage location a few days in advance when you will pick up the tires.

It takes about 15 minutes to return and inspect the car, no additional time needs to be reserved.

Leasing car return point

Sulantie 10
04300 Tuusula

If your car is damaged, book an repair period immediately with a Ri-Lease Finance dealer.

All damage repairs must be carried out by Ri-Lease Finance’s contract repair shops.

The practical steps in the event of a traffic accident are always the same, whether you are an innocent or guilty party.

Here’s what to do at the scene:

  • fill in a damage report on the spot with the other party (if any)
  • if possible, obtain witnesses for the event
  • ask the other party to sign the claim

Submit a claim to Ri-Lease Finance immediately by filling out an electronic claim. Start filing a claim by filling in your car’s registration number. At the end of the claim, you can fill in your own e-mail address to receive a copy of the claim you completed. If you have filled in the paper version of the claim, send it scanned by e-mail to Ri-Lease Finance forwards the claim to the insurance company. Keep a signed claim at the place of damage for any further clarification requests. An electronic claim is sufficient for Ri-Lease Finance, and we will ask for a signed claim if necessary. Also, the counterparty must submit a damage report to your insurance company.

Police are needed at the scene:

  • if it is unclear who is the guilty party
  • if personal injury occurs in an accident
  • it is a collision with a deer

You can reach the police by calling your local police station or the emergency number 112.

To repair the damage, make an appointment with Ri-Lease Finance’s contract repair shop.
Car Repair form.

All Ri-Lease Finance agreements include a replacement car for periodic maintenance, be sure to mention the need for a replacement car when booking maintenance.

Ri-Lease Finance’s car tyre replacement instructions are based on researched information on the effect of tyre tread on driving safety. When it becomes time to change tyres, contact Vianor or Tire World. The tyre shop checks the condition of the tyres and requests a billing permit from Ri-Lease Finance.

Restriction limits

Summer and winter tires (spike tires)
4 mm

Friction tires
5 mm

Repairs caused by external damage can also be billed through Ri-Lease Finance.

Pay attention to the following: Check the tyre pressures regularly. Too low a tyre pressure makes it difficult to control the car and significantly increases rolling resistance. Check tyre pressures at least once a month on cold tyres before long journeys. You can find air pressure recommendations for different load situations in the car’s owner’s manual or at the fuel filler flap. Be sure to check the spare tyre pressure regularly.

Observe the groove depths

Monitor your tire wear regularly at least monthly when measuring tire pressures. You can check the groove depth visually or with a suitable tool. The summer tire wear warning is set to the required 1.6 mm by law.

You can ensure a 4 mm groove depth according to the safety recommendation with a 2 euro coin. Place the coin upright in the main groove of the ring. If the 4 mm wide silver rim of the coin pops out from under the tread pattern of the tire, it is worth considering replacing the tires.

Additional service price list from 1 January 2010:

Service Price (VAT 0%)

  • Returned car inspection service 10 euros
  • Periodic maintenance service for a returned car 30 euros
  • Inspection and price evaluation service during the contract period 15 euros
  • Transfer of contract 0 euros
  • Registration service 10 euros
  • Extending the contract 0 euros

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